Life coachingThe coach-a word which can also mean carriage, chariot or vehicle - leads a person or a group of people from a starting point to an intended arrival point through theactivation of their potential and their resources..

Therefore, the coach is a facilitator who is able to work in depth and on different levels of intervention by helping the client to gain more self-awareness and consciousness of his/her surroundings in order to achieve his/her own personal and/or professional goals..

The coaching proves particularly useful in those situations in which an individual or a group::

  • Has a problem to overcome or a goal to attain
  • Takes on an important project
  • Experiences a change
  • Endures unexpected troubles
  • Endures emotionally stressful situations
  • Experiences demotivation
  • Endures situations of conflict or poor cooperation
  • Cannot attain long-standing predefined goals
  • Feels the need to enhance his/her own talent
  • Feels the need to bring his/her performance to a level of excellence
  • Does not know how to activate his/her own potential
  • Struggles to manage his/her own emotions
  • Has relation or communication issues

A TAILORED JOB: I take care of my clients with enthusiasm and passion through a unique path, which they follow themselves and where I act as a ruolo del facilitatore whose first intention is that of making them autonomous.
In order to create harmony and unity of purpose,I implement and integrate knowledge and techniques acquired over the years, building a tailored path for each client..


“Nicoletta was my tower of strength.
Thanks to her human and professional interior structure, she was the one who allowed me to fly with strong wings - from a scared little bird to a proud and free eagle. That’s how it began: with HER”.

Claudia Potenza, Actress

“My first meeting with Nicoletta enshrines deep emotions and feelings. Today I struggle to remember the mood in which I was back then, but at the same time, I can think of it with a kind smile, out of compassion and understanding towards myself. This is the proof of how Nicoletta managed to create, from the start, a comfortable connection that allowed me to see into myself and discover hidden qualities which I didn’t know of or I didn’t want to see. Even though several years went by, I will never forget the professionalism and the commitment of Nicoletta in “our” pleasant path of internal growth which is today my added value and of which I’m proud of. I will always be grateful to that smile!”
O.M., Public Administration Manager 

“Life is often very challenging and having the skills to face it as well as possible allows you to achieve the desired results without getting lost. Nicoletta provided me with the tool to attain my life goals both personally and professionally but especially taught me how to never give up hope and to overcome odds and dark times. The path to self-knowledge and the realisation of our own strengths, and weaknesses too is crucial for the growth and the consolidations of values. Thanks, Nico.”
Arrigo Montella, International Consultant


Everyone knew it was impossible, until a fool who didn't know came along and did it.
The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.Albert Einstein

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